South Korean Tourist Visa application from Dubai

Traveling to South Korea requires a tourist visa. My sister and I have never applied for a visa before. It turns out, unlike in the Philippines, for Filipinos residing in the UAE, getting a South Korean Tourist Visa from Dubai is actually a piece of cake.

First, we’ve completed these requirements:

  1. Completed visa application form dated and signed. (You may download the form here)
  2. A color photo taken within last 6 months, full face without hat, and front view against white or off-white background. (35mm×45mm)
  3. Signed and stamped employment/no-objection letter from your company which clarifies your full name, nationality, passport number, position, salary, the purpose and the date of the visit.
  4. Recent original stamped bank statements and/or financial records in order to determine your financial stability for three months.
  5. Copy of the travel itinerary such as a round-trip ticket and hotel reservation.
  6. Original Passport, which must be valid for more than 6 months and has more than two blank visa pages left, and a passport copy (A-4 size).
  7. Copy (A-4 size) of the UAE residence visa.


  • Do not leave any blank field on the application form. Just write in N/A if it’s not applicable.
  • 10.1 Estimated travel costs (in US dollars): Don’t be too overboard with this; what you put in there should be near the amount of what is in your bank account.
  • There is no set amount for how much money you should have in your bank account. Ideally, your money should be enough for your length of stay.
  • You can try for Hotel/Guesthouse reservation, you will have an option to book without a credit card and cancel without being charged.
  • For the round-trip ticket, you can always take the risk and book flights in advance, or, there are travel agencies that can provide you with confirmed booking a.k.a dummy-ticket from 0-50AED, just let them know you’ll use it for visa application and they will know what to do.

Then, with our complete set of requirements, we take a deep breath and proceed to the South Korean Consulate, as applications should be submitted in person. Time for visa application: 09:30 – 12:00 Sundays to Thursdays.

(To reach the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Dubai, take Al Wasl Road from Al-Deyafa Street and drive towards Jumeirah 2 and then you will find a petrol station Eppco on the right; before the station there is a traffic light signal and before the signal, take right turn into street (No. 23b) and then turn into the second left to street number (24b). As you enter 24b street you will see the consulate villa which is the first building on the left; which is Villa # 39.)

 Address: Villa #39, Street 24b, Area 342, Jumeirah 2, Dubai +971-4-344-9200

After submitting our applications, we were given a small slip that serves as our passport claim stub. We were asked to comeback after 4 working days. This is when the waiting game begins, the season of agony, the longest 4 working days of our lives. Oh the sleepless nights of overthinking, mulling and pondering. LOL.

Then the day comes to collect our passports. Time for visa collection is from 15:00-16:00. We were excited and nervous as hell, my knees-are-weak-and-palms-are-sweaty as I accepted our passports from the clerk. We were granted a C3 Visa, valid for 90 days from the date of issue, maximum of 30 days stay. Yipee!!! Oh, did I mention it’s free of charge? 🙂

Anyhoo, please visit the Consulate’s website for more info.


9 thoughts on “South Korean Tourist Visa application from Dubai

  1. Hi! I would like to ask based your blog that “There’s this two Filipina applicants that was turned away and was asked to comeback because their travel date is four weeks away.”, if i will apply on the first week of February and my travel date is on March 13-18, 2018,is there a possibility that I might have the same scenario of that two filipina? Thanks


    • Hello Nikka, this happened when we applied on 2016. When we applied last October 2017, they seemed to have accepted the other applications whose travels are a month away. But to make sure, I suggest you call the consulate first to confirm. 🙂

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    • You’re welcome! 🙂 As long as you have the complete set of documents they require, you will get a visa for sure! Message me in IG if you still have questions (kei_xo) Fighting! 🙂

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  2. “There’s this two Filipina applicants that was turned away and was asked to comeback because their travel date is four weeks away.” – in regards to this statement, I would just like to share my experience and it happened just last September 2017. In my opinion, having it applied 3 months before is a good strategy just in case if your requirements are lacking. I think the cases really depends from the requirements given during the application. Because as for me, it was rather a rushed decision to travel to Seoul so I just applied my vacation 2 weeks before my ETD for Seoul, and that is even ten days prior my flight to Philippines when I applied in the Korean Embassy here in Abu Dhabi. Tip is, just make sure all requirements are legit and complete and you will not encounter any issue with the visa. And better give a call to the consulate for further verification.

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    • Hello Ruby! Thanks for taking time in reading my blog 🙂 Good insight! It is always a good practice to have enough time allowance just in case there are lapses on the requirements. Perhaps what happened on the two ladies last 2016 are just situational, because we’ve been given our 2nd visa last Nov 2017 – and we’ve applied four weeks before our travel. I totally agree on calling the consulate prior the application to confirm. 😉


  3. Hi there! Is it possible to apply for a visa 3 months prior to your travel date? If I wanna visit Korea this June, is it okay to apply for a visa this month?


    • Hello! I actually had verified this with South Korean embassy, they said yes you can apply 90 days before your ETD. But just to make sure, i’ll advise you to call them before your application.


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