Autumn in Seoul – University Hopping

Roaming the streets of Ehwa and Yonsei Universities in Seoul gives me all kinds of sentimental and nostalgic feels. These campuses are absolute beauties; the sister and I had the most delightful time people watching in these grounds. We oohhss and we ahhhss in the amazing architectural structures of the buildings. We marvel in the pastoral nature surrounding the campuses that is more grandiose filled with autumn. We’ve relished watching the well-dressed-students, we’ve rolled our eyes so hard we almost saw our brains in one too many im-a-hug-you-till-you-cant-breathe-leech-like campus lovers (#oldmaidproblems), we feel for the cramming students that reminded us our hectic years of hitting the books, that time in our lives when we’re too busy having a simultaneous mental breakdown to notice how our universities looks like. LOL.

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Golden Streets of Gangnam

You know that feeling you get after vacation when you’re just so happy to get back to reality? I don’t either. LOL. I just can’t move on from our fabulous escapade, even when I’m busy at work, I would still find myself pondering about anything Seoul. The light breeze, colorful leaves, bare trees, the lovely autumn weather.

Looking back, I’ve realized that our trip was actually laid-back, except those days that we’ve spent outside Seoul, the sister and I are pretty much sitting somewhere, looking at all the people walking in urgency, at all the girls with one too many shopping bags, at all the couples that are too in love to care about their surroundings. Seeing a bit of ourselves in everyone while breathing the crisp autumn air, is the most calming feeling one can get. Okay, that turns out to be dramatic LOL, what I wanted to write about are the finest places in Seoul we recommend for people-watching. 😛

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Dubai – Modern Souk and a Gorgeous Skyscraper

I’m taking a quick break from my usual raving and jabbering about everything Seoul. Like very quick I’ll get back to it after lunch break, LOL. So the sister and I have met with the BFF last weekend (I guess we have the same BFF) to catch up over coffee. There’s nothing to talk about those two but I have a lot to say or to show rather about our meet-up place, Souk Madinat Jumeirah. 🙂 Living in Dubai for almost seven years doesn’t make me immunized from its charm and grandeur.

Souk means Arabic Market, Souk Madinat is sort of a modern take on a traditional Arabic Market. It is located between five star hotels and overlooking Burj Al Arab – The world’s most luxurious hotel. You can reach the place via Metro and Bus, here’s how.

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Autumn in Seoul – Misadventures in Everland

The sister and I have deliberated quite long time whether we’re going to Everland or not. Me being the opposing side in this hullabaloo, thought that we had to forego Everland because its too far and its too cold, the sister thought it would be a waste of opportunity if we skip Everland and concede to laziness. After lots of worthless punching, kicking, sneering, mocking and disparaging each other (nope we didn’t fought that much. LOL) she had me at Lee Kwang Soo and Running Man (shout out to those who knows what I’m talking about, haha!) then, Everland it is. Yay!

We’ve dedicated a whole day to relish and appreciate the attractions in the South Korean’s version of Disneyland. We early birds woke up early to catch the early train, with no breakfast and all uncertainties, off we go to the subway station. Here’s how we’ve reached Everland from Hongdae with only 2 transfers.

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Must try Cafés in Seoul

We were in Seoul on the later part of autumn 2016.
The cold index is somewhere between OMG and WTF, to put that in figure, the temperature ranges from 5° to -6° Celsius. Besides the multiple layers of clothes, the most essential thing you need to endure the cold weather and not freeze your butts off is a hot drink, a steaming mug of coffee or a warm cup of tea.

My sister and I are both coffee aficionados. Bad day? Coffee. Good day? Coffee. Lots of work to do? Coffee. Dry Skin? Coffee. Coffee? Coffee. LOL. One of the many reasons why we love Seoul is because of their vast selections of cafés, choosing which café to order from has always been a good kind of nuisance. This post is dedicated to all those coffees and teas that we’ve sipped, and to all those waffles and cakes that we’ve bit. 🙂

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