DDP, Ihwa Mural Village and our wonderful trek to Seoul Fortress Wall.

Happy New Year from our side of the world!!

While we’re now back to the norms aka working our butts off to save up for our next travel, in my subconscious, I’m still sitting in a bench alongside my sister in Naksan Park, surrounded by autumn, peacefully sipping coffee as I watch life pass me by. (#takemeback #seoulinmymind #blessed Lol)

Whilst in a reverie, lemme tell you how we’ve spent our fifth or is it sixth day in Seoul, autumn of last year, 2016. We’ve mostly hung out in Dongdaemun Design Plaza then we’ve decided to trek Seoul City Wall via Ihwa Mural Village and Naksan Park. Sounds hectic? Na-ah, its actually a pretty chill day. All those aforementioned places were along Seoul Subway Line 4 – Blue Line.

First stop, DDP – Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Coming out of Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 4, 5) Exit 1, here’s what you will see.


At Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, traditional buildings, relics, ruins, and cutting edge modern cultural facilities come together harmoniously. (click here for more info)


img_0597This is where contemporary design meets culture. A historical culture theme park where one can meet live history of Seoul.img_0604Ultramodern Autumn


img_0603This looks like a space station, an energetic and cozy space station. It’s amazing how they were able to incorporate this in a middle of very large commercial district for fashion markets and shopping centers.

img_0601They took curvature into a different level.

img_0606Setting aside the design, this is a real testament to advanced Korean construction technology.img_9268Me Towards Future (Sculpture Exhibition of Kim Young Won)

img_9266Rated PG – Parental Guidance is totally and absolutely advised. 😛

img_9264Butts Galore.

img_0607img_9273img_0664img_0661img_0665img_9257img_0314img_0312This one is my favorite. Do Min Joon ssi can come out anytime.


After our DDP exploration, we hopped on to Seoul Subway Line 4 towards Hyehwa Station in our quest to locate Seoul City Wall through Ihwa Mural Village and Naksan Park. Now this is where it gets tricky, KTO says Go out from Exit 2 and walk towards Marronnier Park, men, the park is nowhere to be seen. (maybe we were blinded by excitement, haha!) I would really love to give the directions but I totally can’t remember how. Please proceed to the nearest Information Center for further assistance. 🙂 (ERRATUM: I just found out, the Information Center is actually located in Marronnier Park. lol)

img_9094img_0612img_0609img_0614Basic necessity. This is probably my 85th cup in Seoul. Haha!

img_9098You’ll see most of my sister in this blog entry – I’m the designated photographer remember? LOL.

img_0294It’s all stairs, never ending stairs.

img_0291img_9095img_0615img_0621Quick stop for much needed R&R. That’s the village behind ze sister.

img_0299img_9238An artwork finally!

img_9112Ihwa-dong, one of Seoul’s oldest neighborhoods, was a decaying suburb designated for demolition. The government’s “Art in the City” campaign set about to improve conditions in some of these areas. About 70 artists participated with the paintings and installation art that covered the walls, streets, homes, businesses, underpasses and schools.

But the influx of visitors to the village continued to create problems for local residents, including a loss of privacy. They launch “Silent Campaign”, “to help visitors understand that the mural village is also someone’s home”.

img_0297The continued tourism spike resulted in the removal of more artwork by residents. The most popular mural in the village, called ‘flower staircase’, which had been renovated in 2013 with colored irregular tiles, was painted over with grey paint, along with another mural ‘fish staircase’.

img_9134img_9135img_9126img_9229img_9140An amazing 3D wire art piece.

img_9138img_9139img_9148Pardon ze sister as she’s always in front of my lenses. LOL

img_9131img_9230img_9226img_9168Please be reminded to be more discreet and restrained while visiting the village. We can’t afford to lose more of these wonderful artworks can we?

img_9234img_0308조용히 해주세요..
img_0627img_9159We never stopped going up, I thought we will reach heaven.

img_0629Well, looks like we did.. 🙂

img_0631img_0641img_0643The Hanyangdoseong, or the Seoul City Wall was built more than 600 years ago to protect the city of Seoul against invaders. (hey invader, get out of my lens!)

img_0650img_0302img_9179img_9184img_9185Repeat after me: Today, I’m choosing serenity.

img_9192img_0295img_0303img_9213img_0296img_0300The Earth has music for those who listen…

img_9207We started from the bottom now we’re here. haha!


This is one of those days in our entire trip that I treasured the most. Our wifi egg was mostly acting up and my sister and I kept on bickering along the way, nevertheless,when we reached the end of the climb, we were able to connect with nature as if we were walking barefoot in the sand. Sky above, earth below and peace within. 🙂

새해 복 많이 받으세요 !!!

All photos were taken by me and my sister Feb using our iPhone 7 and Canon EOS 1000D.


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