Must try Cafés in Seoul

We were in Seoul on the later part of autumn 2016.
The cold index is somewhere between OMG and WTF, to put that in figure, the temperature ranges from 5° to -6° Celsius. Besides the multiple layers of clothes, the most essential thing you need to endure the cold weather and not freeze your butts off is a hot drink, a steaming mug of coffee or a warm cup of tea.

My sister and I are both coffee aficionados. Bad day? Coffee. Good day? Coffee. Lots of work to do? Coffee. Dry Skin? Coffee. Coffee? Coffee. LOL. One of the many reasons why we love Seoul is because of their vast selections of cafés, choosing which café to order from has always been a good kind of nuisance. This post is dedicated to all those coffees and teas that we’ve sipped, and to all those waffles and cakes that we’ve bit. 🙂

First on our list is BeansBins Coffee.
If I will have to rate BeansBins, out of all the cafés that we’ve tried, I will give it 4/5 stars. My sister though is a different story; she will probably give it a glimmering 100/5 stars, she got so addicted we had to pass by Ehwa every other day to eat waffles. LMAO. And oh, BeansBins is extra special to us, as we’ve watched the first snowfall of our lives sitting while sipping tea in their Ehwa branch.
How to get there: 5 mins walk from exits # 2 & 3 of Ewha Womans University Station (Subway Line 2)


Grapefruit Tea like no other. I will go back to Seoul for this reason alone.

Our corner in the cafe.

Next is Banana Tree Café in Sinsa-dong.
This café is perhaps the most recommended café in Garusogil Road in Gangnam. The directions to the shop is quite tricky as it’s a little far from the shopping street. But lemme tell you, the unending left and right turns going to the shop was totally worth it. This café is so tiny and cute and homely and so adorbs, they are popular for their flowerpot desserts and drinks that are served with cotton candy on top. Yum!
How to get there: Subway, Sinsa Station exits 7,8 (line 3) + walk for 12 minutes



Thumbs up from Ze sister.

Cat’s Playground, Myeongdong.
Theme café’s are very popular in Seoul, some of them features animals. Cat Playground’s main attractions are well, cats. 40 cats. 40 oh-so-friggin-adorable cats. There’s an 8,000 KRW/person entrance fee, drinks included. When you go in, the staff will ask you to sanitize then you will be given a huge plastic bag to put your belongings into, why? Because there are 2 kinds of cat at the café; I’ma-eat-your-leather-bag-kind-of-cat and I’ma-pee-in-your-leather-bag-kind-of-cat. LMAO.
How to get there: Myeongdong Station (Line 4, blue line) and get out at exit #6 and follow the cat-person or the-person-dressed-in-cat-costume.


Ze cat and her human.

Seolbing 설빙 Korean Dessert Café.
This, ladies and gentlemen is a must try. We’ve regretted not eating bingsu on the earlier part of our trip; we were avoiding it because, the weather was cold and bingsu is shaved ice. But men, Seolbing had me at my first scoop.
How to get there: Myeongdong Station (Line 4, blue line) and get out at exit #6 – go straight until you see Dunkin Donut’s. Then turn left and walk straight until Vip’s. Turn right, and you will see Seolbing is on your left, on the second floor, on top of Red Eye.

photo grab from the web – credit to the rightful owner 🙂

ze sister, her face is everywhere in my phone gallery. *eyeroll emoji

The O’sulloc Tea House is a themed café that presents the authentic taste of Korean traditional tea. Everything here is about tea, drinks tastes like grinded tealeaves (Not that I’ve tasted an actual grinded tealeaves, it just seems to taste like that. LOL), aka the healthy taste.
How to get there: Anguk Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 6


Café de Paris, Myeongdong.
We stumbled upon this newly opened café while shopping in Myeongdong, they have the best Mango Bonbon in town! (No comparison here, it’s the first and only Mango Bonbon I’ve ever tasted) LOLS.
How to get there: Myeongdong Station (Line 4, blue line) and get out at exit #6

photo grab from the web – credits to the rightful owner *i haven’t been able to take that much menu photos


View from our seat. Mr. Goblin, I see you.
Coffee Shop Islana, Nami Island.
Now this is how al fresco café should look like. Nature + Good latte is always the best equation to soothe your soul and to thaw your freezing butts. LOL!


Ajumma with OCD – Obsessive Coffee Disorder 😛

Here’s a little tribute to all those disposable coffee cups that we’ve emptied on this trip. Because hot coffee and cold autumn weather are two of the best soul mates who ever did find each other. 🙂


All photos were taken by me and my sister Feb using our iPhone 7 and Canon EOS 1000D.


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