Autumn in Seoul – University Hopping

Roaming the streets of Ehwa and Yonsei Universities in Seoul gives me all kinds of sentimental and nostalgic feels. These campuses are absolute beauties; the sister and I had the most delightful time people watching in these grounds. We oohhss and we ahhhss in the amazing architectural structures of the buildings. We marvel in the pastoral nature surrounding the campuses that is more grandiose filled with autumn. We’ve relished watching the well-dressed-students, we’ve rolled our eyes so hard we almost saw our brains in one too many im-a-hug-you-till-you-cant-breathe-leech-like campus lovers (#oldmaidproblems), we feel for the cramming students that reminded us our hectic years of hitting the books, that time in our lives when we’re too busy having a simultaneous mental breakdown to notice how our universities looks like. LOL.

We have toured the highways and byways of Ehwa Women’s University, Sinchon and Yonsei University by foot. We started at Edae – the neighborhood around Ehwa Womens University, one of the most popular shopping streets in Seoul. Since it is located along a University street, the shops mostly cater to students so the items are trendy and the prices are really cheap. How much is cheap? I’d say, the best buys are from 5,000 KRW – 10,000 KRW. We’ve splurged in Edae then we’ve asked ourselves where does all our money went? It’s like hocus pocus we’re brokus. Hahaha!

img_9508Ehwa Womens University has a Gothic-meets-modern vibe, it is amusing that they allow tourist to enter and roam around these campuses.
Direction: exits 2 & 3 of Ewha Womans University Station (Subway Line 2)

img_9465The churchimg_9467

img_9471Even the gloomy weather can’t lessen the charm of this campus.img_9482Architecture game, strong and on point.
imageThe legend of my lone picture: Hey sister have mercy and please take my photo, I’d be very grateful if you’ll make it blurry and shadowy so I can test my photo editing skills – says me, never. (This photo is originally indistinct it can actually damage your eyes LOL)
img_9495Ze sister and her Ji Eun Tak feels.


image-6Ajumma dul, may I just remind you, this is a school ground and not a park. LOL.

img_9485The famous stairs.

Our tummies stared roaring from lots of LOLing so we’ve decided to look for a place to eat. We followed the crowd flow and walked along the street connecting Ehwa Womens University and Yonsei University. This street is called Sinchon Pedestrian-friendly Street; it is some sort of a cultural spot with plenty of Restaurants and cosmetic stores lined up.image-1The lively streets of Sinchonimage-2Street performers everywhere.img_9510

Because what could be more important than a little something to eat? So after we fed our hungry selves with a generous amount of Samgyupsal (food articles on my upcoming posts) our mood changes from should-I-give-up to lets-keep-on-chasing-pavements real quick. So off we chased the pavements to Yonsei University.

image-3We’ve passed by this church on the way.

Yonsei is one of Korea’s most prestigious universities, one of the top three in the country. They said the admission here is extremely competitive.image-5You would probably burn 100 kcal just by walking this pathway. Lol.img_9518This grotesque-ish building is called “Underwood Hall”, isn’t it a winner? The ivy-draped campus of Yonsei would possibly look familiar, as it is a popular shooting location for movies and television dramas

img_9520Should you want to explore just Yonsei University, here are the directions via subway: Sinchon Station, Seoul Subway Line 2 exit 2 or 3, 10-minute walk.

All photos were taken by me and my sister Feb using our iPhone 7 and Canon EOS 1000D.


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