Dubai – Old Souks and Wooden Boats

Besides the bustling futuristic city of crystal skyscrapers and lavish man–made islands, Dubai has another side you have to see, the timeworn and the historic. You can escape the modernized city for half a day to experience the mesmeric neighborhoods that dates back to the early 1900s.

One weekend, the sister, our momma and I decided to skip malls and have a nice leisurely walk to the olden districts of Dubai. Coming out from Exit 3 of Al Fahidi (Green Line) metro station, passing–through couple of shoe shops till the end of the street, we came into this.img_0698



Traditional wind towers (a cooling tower prior the arrival of air-conditioning), courtyards and maze of winding alleyways are the charm of this historical quarter in Bur Dubai area that is called Al Bastakiya. Even with a miniscule amount of Café’s cum art galleries this is an excellent place to walk around for those who are interested in arts and culture.

An alleyway that is perfect for photo ops

There are couple of artworks scattered inside the quarter.

Hi momma!

Yours truly, this is my favorite among the artworks.

But of course, ze sister tainting the nice artwork. 😛

Wind tower, I’m not sure how this works in 50 degrees celsius Dubai weather.

Trivia: This is where Running Man (our favorite Korean variety show) shoots the last leg of their Dubai–special last year.img_0694

My prized capture from last year. (oohh, I remember the sweat and hunger this photo has induced.) 🙂

After wandering around Al Bastakiya, our walking tour continues to the Old Souk via creek side. As I’ve written in my previous blog, Souk means traditional Arabic market and this is how it looks like.

Too authentic, close to decaying.

Al Fresco a la Old Souk



From textiles, spices to souvenirs, you can find it all in here. They will try to sell the items at a tourist price aka higher-than-normal-rates. You must know how to negotiate as they could cut the prices down to half for the best hagglers. AHA.img_0720


But wait, where is that famous Gold Souk, that place where you can buy gold from an ATM? Don’t get your panties in a twist, as you will have an access to the other Souks via Abra or the traditional Arabic wooden boat. LOL. You have to cross the creek to get to Gold Souk, now board that boat and pay a dirham. Yes, you’ve read that right; one boat ride will only cost you one freakin dirham per person.

The dock.


This is how the Abra looks like.

Hello from the other side


There are couple of Abra stations to choose from, to avoid the temptation of buying unnecessary jewelry, we’ve ditched the Gold Souk and went to eat Shawarma instead.img_0753

There you have it folks, that concludes our quick escape to the unknown. Till next time. 🙂

All photos were taken by me and my sister Feb using our iPhone 7.


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