Must see places in Seoul during autumn

I never had a favorite season until I’ve experienced autumn in Seoul. Living through the all-humidity-almost-no-oxygen summers and too-quick-its-gone-once-you-blink winters of Dubai, seeing and feeling autumn is really astounding if not a life-changing experience. All those leaves in auburn, scarlet and golden colors are so breathtaking it’s almost like poetry.

Writing this gave me all kinds of dramatic and nostalgic feels; I’m literally pep-talking myself right now into not booking that promo ticket to Seoul for November lol. I’m certain that South Korea has a lot more incredible fall foliage’s to offer besides to what we’ve seen, the sister and I are looking forward to coming back for new discoveries. For now, here are the places we’ve been to and will definitely go back to, our must see places for chasing autumn in Seoul.Read More »


10 amusing reasons to visit Trick Eye Museum, Hongdae

Being more of a nature person, I didn’t include any indoor touristy places in our itinerary when we visited Seoul last autumn, even War Memorial nor Lotte World. However, due to ze sister’s persistence and since we are staying around the area, we ended up visiting Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. Surprise surprise, despite my reluctance on staying in a confined area, the visit was a hit if not a success.Read More »