Wild Wadi – A Picturesque and Daring Water Park

Dubai summers are total pain in the neck. This unsticking-your-thighs-from-plastic-chairs season is an agony for me. The temperature is no joke, its like someone has set the thermostat to hell. Foundations and mascaras are damned. Lol. So, I was making a mental list of activities that can possibly make this summer a little enjoyable, and guess what? There are not too many of them.

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Burj Khalifa – The tallest of them all

I haven’t been able to write these past months. With work getting busier (why can’t I find a job that doesn’t include desks and spreadsheets? Just why?) And the weather in Dubai is getting hotter (hot is an understatement – it’s more like scorching, blistering or broiling) I just couldn’t find energy to update this page. But! That was then and this is now.

We tend to overlook what is close to us and look for something special in far away places. I walk past him almost everyday on my way to work; he’s always there, rain or shine, sandstorm or hailstorm – standing tall, prominent, towering. On my good days he beams with me, on my bad days he frowns with me. I ask myself, am I taking him for granted? He already has those people gushing about him, how impressive he is, how spectacular and how stunning he can be. All that praises, would mine be heard? Would it matter should I give him the attention that he deserves?Read More »