Burj Khalifa – The tallest of them all

I haven’t been able to write these past months. With work getting busier (why can’t I find a job that doesn’t include desks and spreadsheets? Just why?) And the weather in Dubai is getting hotter (hot is an understatement – it’s more like scorching, blistering or broiling) I just couldn’t find energy to update this page. But! That was then and this is now.

We tend to overlook what is close to us and look for something special in far away places. I walk past him almost everyday on my way to work; he’s always there, rain or shine, sandstorm or hailstorm – standing tall, prominent, towering. On my good days he beams with me, on my bad days he frowns with me. I ask myself, am I taking him for granted? He already has those people gushing about him, how impressive he is, how spectacular and how stunning he can be. All that praises, would mine be heard? Would it matter should I give him the attention that he deserves?

Those were my thoughts while walking to get lunch. And oh, I’m not talking about a person here; I’m talking about a structure, a magnificent one, and the tallest in the entire world. The Burj Khalifa. Lol.IMG_1250

To grab lunch, I had to get to the mall and sally forth through hordes and hordes of tourist everyday. They’re either lined up or scattered in the same area to take a photo of/with the good structure. I have this unnecessary urge to grab one of the tourists to show the spots for getting better pictures. Lol. To prevent myself from being arrested (or beaten, probably) for being a tourist-snatching-photo-ops-spot-showing-crazy-lady, I’mma just pour the proof in here which was taken with a little help from my equally crazy sister (which is getting better in taking pictures by the way).

Disclaimer: If the photos seemed a little poor in quality, please note that we took these on a slightly hazy day. There’s a mini sandstorm going on. 🙂ANYD0713

You can reach this neo-futurism structure by metro – it has a station named after it. You have to walk through the footbridge linking the metro and the Dubai Mall, the longest footbridge in the history of all footbridges (lol, kidding, I timed it – 10 mins of brisk walking).

Hey sister

The magnificent one peek a boo-ing from the footbridge

moi, ze sister knows how to return the photo favor now

You have to pass by the Mall to reach The Burj. Dubai Mall is already an ‘it’ travel destination alone. Besides being a shopping haven with a size of 5 football fields, there are also some cool sights inside. There’s the Dubai Aquarium and Water Zoo, The Souq, The Village and the Falling Muscle Man Fountain (which turned out to be pearl divers) to name a few.

a portion of the Fashion Avenue

The Souk

The Village

they have an umbrella party inside The Village lol

Le sisterette and the mysterious falls

A cool viewing deck from the Apple Store

That’s the famous photo ops location
Here’s the famous photo ops location up close. Better come early to beat the tourist rush. IMG_1149

IMG_1267Most tourist conclude their tour in here, I suggest you walk further towards the Souk Al Bahar, one of the many souks of Dubai (I wrote about few others, click here and here). You can go inside and marvel on its modern traditional vibe, or, go to the side and bask on these views.IMG_1266


Chandelier game strong

You can also tour via abra or wooden boat

told yah, ze sister is getting better in taking photos, hallelujah.

Walk further more towards The Palace Hotel, my most recommended photo spot. A lot of photo shoots, prenuptial shoots and probably even movie shoots have happened here.

A lil hazy from the sandstorm

this is THE spot

Ze sister strutter.

Isn’t it nice?

And here’s my favorite spot of all, my little oasis from all that concrete jungle (not that I own it, but I call dibs on it as my breathing space. Lol) and yes, you can still see the amazing Burj Khalifa from here.



So that was it, there are few more sides that should be included in this (Dubai Opera, Burj Park and Lake, Burj Khalifa at the Top) I’ll do it next time. Just so you know we took this photos on a 50 degree celsius weather with a bit of a sandstorm so we have to stop right here cause we’re almost one sneeze away from a heatstroke. LOL.

It lights up on evenings.
**All photos were taken by me and my sister Feb using our iPhone 7**


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