Wild Wadi – A Picturesque and Daring Water Park

Dubai summers are total pain in the neck. This unsticking-your-thighs-from-plastic-chairs season is an agony for me. The temperature is no joke, its like someone has set the thermostat to hell. Foundations and mascaras are damned. Lol. So, I was making a mental list of activities that can possibly make this summer a little enjoyable, and guess what? There are not too many of them.

First, a dip in the beach – it’s free and hey, who doesn’t want ocean air and salty hair right? Beach is what summer is all about! High tides and good vibes, and, good times and tan lines, and, sandy toes and sun kissed nose. All is well in the beach! Or not. With this 130 degrees weather, the water is probably close to boiling (of course I’m being dramatic). Unless we wanted to look like a broiled potato, not to mention skin cancer is unappealing, this business of frolicking in the beach is totally being crossed out from my mental list. LOL.

Then there’s; Malling, Brunching and Shopping – okay just kidding. Erase, erase. This would do if we were not saving for our annual travel. And window-shopping is not an option because it’s exhausting and window-shopping really doesn’t exist in my philosophy because who does that? How can someone shop without shopping at all? So again, erase, erase.

Since nothing from the above seems to be practical, we’ve just decided to stay at home and commune with our air-conditioning all summer long. LOL. Then, our angel-of-a-mother told us her angel-of-a-boss gave us free passes to a waterpark. A waterpark I didn’t bother including in my mental list because it’s something we can’t possibly afford because the admission fee is 100-freaking-dollars per person. Hallelujah!!! (If we aren’t lucky, then I don’t know who is)


Wild Wadi Water Park is an outdoor waterpark situated in front of the glorious Burj Al Arab; it has as a heated/cooled wave pool, multiple water slides and two artificial surfing machines. It was even featured in few Amazing Race episodes. Wild Wadi is themed around the tale of Juha, a known character from the Arabian folklore. (source)


You can get to Wild Wadi by taking the Metro; get down at Mall of the Emirates station, walk to the bus stop, then take Bus no. 81 to Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Hey Shalani babe!



The water park has a total of nine rides, ranges from relaxing to very very thrilling. If you are the type who enjoys daring rides (like ze sister and our friend Shalani), well this place is for you.IMG_6858

They have this ride with a series of high-powered water jets that would take you to a water roller coaster 15 meters above ground level, it was called Master Blasters. You’ll seat on a tube, the water jets will push you up (rather aggressively so be mindful of your swimwear), to go down, you have to go through a slide, simple? NO. The roller coaster  slide is pitch. black. (Oh the terror. I’ve tried this, and it scared the living daylights out of me)

View from Master Blaster

Then there’s this ride called Burj Surj where you have to climb up the stairs for when you arrived at the top they will seat you in a four/five seaters tube to be pushed down through the looming bowl with spiraling spins through the slides to the pool. (Whoa that was a mouthful. Lol)

Burj Surj has a twin called Tantrum Alley. You have to do the same climbing but this time you will be seated in a four-person tube to be pushed down to a funnel-like thingy they call a tornado, THREE tornadoes, the tube, along with you, will circle around and around until you reach the exit (again, THREE times) and slide down to the pool. (Nothing biggie really, but check if your soul is still intact)

Twin Terror – Burj Surj and Tantrum Alley

If your adrenaline is not yet satisfied with those three rides, then perhaps you wanted to try the Jumeirah Sceirah. The name has said it all; you have to climb a tower, for when you reach the platform at the top you will get into a capsule, you’ll have to cross your arms and limbs then think of happy thoughts, before you know it the floor beneath you will open up and you’ll slide down 120 meters in a speed of 80km/hr. (take that! you adrenaline junkie, you)


Jumeirah Sceirah at almost-sunset

Me? Rides? No, thank you very much; I very much prefer the lounge chairs and the lazy river. Lol. With the water park being so posh and pretty, the entire place is totally instagram-able, I’d rather strut my way to distraction. LOL.





Ze sister had decided she is the photographer of this trip, a very rare and weird occurrence. Here’s a series of strutting and sunset gabbing.

Ze sister and ze friendship
Wow, I am really enjoying this 100+ degree weather! Said no one ever.
Pepsi, anyone?
The animated duo


My wonderful sarong is a hand-me-down (more like forced hand-me-down) from my precious girlfriend DJ Chikay of Chikaydee.com.  I love the sarong very much, I even wore it to bed. lol. 🙂

More Sunset shots:IMG_1478.JPG



That concludes our water park adventure and I proudly notify you that most photos here were taken by my sister Fab using her iPhone 7. LOL.


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