Wild Wadi – A Picturesque and Daring Water Park

Dubai summers are total pain in the neck. This unsticking-your-thighs-from-plastic-chairs season is an agony for me. The temperature is no joke, its like someone has set the thermostat to hell. Foundations and mascaras are damned. Lol. So, I was making a mental list of activities that can possibly make this summer a little enjoyable, and guess what? There are not too many of them.

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Burj Khalifa – The tallest of them all

I haven’t been able to write these past months. With work getting busier (why can’t I find a job that doesn’t include desks and spreadsheets? Just why?) And the weather in Dubai is getting hotter (hot is an understatement – it’s more like scorching, blistering or broiling) I just couldn’t find energy to update this page. But! That was then and this is now.

We tend to overlook what is close to us and look for something special in far away places. I walk past him almost everyday on my way to work; he’s always there, rain or shine, sandstorm or hailstorm – standing tall, prominent, towering. On my good days he beams with me, on my bad days he frowns with me. I ask myself, am I taking him for granted? He already has those people gushing about him, how impressive he is, how spectacular and how stunning he can be. All that praises, would mine be heard? Would it matter should I give him the attention that he deserves?Read More »

Must see places in Seoul during autumn

I never had a favorite season until I’ve experienced autumn in Seoul. Living through the all-humidity-almost-no-oxygen summers and too-quick-its-gone-once-you-blink winters of Dubai, seeing and feeling autumn is really astounding if not a life-changing experience. All those leaves in auburn, scarlet and golden colors are so breathtaking it’s almost like poetry.

Writing this gave me all kinds of dramatic and nostalgic feels; I’m literally pep-talking myself right now into not booking that promo ticket to Seoul for November lol. I’m certain that South Korea has a lot more incredible fall foliage’s to offer besides to what we’ve seen, the sister and I are looking forward to coming back for new discoveries. For now, here are the places we’ve been to and will definitely go back to, our must see places for chasing autumn in Seoul.Read More »

10 amusing reasons to visit Trick Eye Museum, Hongdae

Being more of a nature person, I didn’t include any indoor touristy places in our itinerary when we visited Seoul last autumn, even War Memorial nor Lotte World. However, due to ze sister’s persistence and since we are staying around the area, we ended up visiting Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae. Surprise surprise, despite my reluctance on staying in a confined area, the visit was a hit if not a success.Read More »

Myeongdong – the sanctuary of shopping and street food.

I haven’t been able to write these past weeks because of this time-consuming-attention-grabbing-stress-inducing-but-money-earning thing called WORK. Not that I’m complaining, even with my five pounds of eye bags and stress level that has gone past the milky way, I will still work hard so I can travel harder. Soon.

You know what’s the best part of travel besides travelling itself? It’s reminiscing. The part when you recollect and look back on the entire time that you’ve spent without worries, away from the stress, living THE life. It drives you to work even harder and earn more to do it all again. It’s a deliciously bitter cycle that makes all the eye bags worth it. 🙂

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My sister has an awesome sister. True story.

Is it because her birthday is coming up? Or because of my mood that doesn’t just swing – it bounces, pivot, recoil, rebound, oscillate, fluctuate and occasionally pirouette (#oldmaidproblems HAHA), or maybe because her face is everywhere in my phone gallery. For whatever reason, I’m writing about my little sister. (The reason really is to dump her photos somewhere so I can freaking clean up my photo gallery, her face is eating too much space. LOL)Read More »

Where to eat in Seoul

No vacation is ever complete without eating local food, ever. The sister and I are certified foodies and we are totally gaga over Korean food. Imagine our delight when we finally stepped on to the land of Kimchis and Bibimbaps. 🙂 They said vacation calories don’t count, they better not be as Seoul is an absolute food haven. From scrumptious side dishes to mouth-watering-lip-smacking stews and noodles, men, you can never go wrong with Korean food.Read More »

Autumn in Seoul – University Hopping

Roaming the streets of Ehwa and Yonsei Universities in Seoul gives me all kinds of sentimental and nostalgic feels. These campuses are absolute beauties; the sister and I had the most delightful time people watching in these grounds. We oohhss and we ahhhss in the amazing architectural structures of the buildings. We marvel in the pastoral nature surrounding the campuses that is more grandiose filled with autumn. We’ve relished watching the well-dressed-students, we’ve rolled our eyes so hard we almost saw our brains in one too many im-a-hug-you-till-you-cant-breathe-leech-like campus lovers (#oldmaidproblems), we feel for the cramming students that reminded us our hectic years of hitting the books, that time in our lives when we’re too busy having a simultaneous mental breakdown to notice how our universities looks like. LOL.

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Golden Streets of Gangnam

You know that feeling you get after vacation when you’re just so happy to get back to reality? I don’t either. LOL. I just can’t move on from our fabulous escapade, even when I’m busy at work, I would still find myself pondering about anything Seoul. The light breeze, colorful leaves, bare trees, the lovely autumn weather.

Looking back, I’ve realized that our trip was actually laid-back, except those days that we’ve spent outside Seoul, the sister and I are pretty much sitting somewhere, looking at all the people walking in urgency, at all the girls with one too many shopping bags, at all the couples that are too in love to care about their surroundings. Seeing a bit of ourselves in everyone while breathing the crisp autumn air, is the most calming feeling one can get. Okay, that turns out to be dramatic LOL, what I wanted to write about are the finest places in Seoul we recommend for people-watching. 😛

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