Wild Wadi – A Picturesque and Daring Water Park

Dubai summers are total pain in the neck. This unsticking-your-thighs-from-plastic-chairs season is an agony for me. The temperature is no joke, its like someone has set the thermostat to hell. Foundations and mascaras are damned. Lol. So, I was making a mental list of activities that can possibly make this summer a little enjoyable, and guess what? There are not too many of them.

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Dubai – Modern Souk and a Gorgeous Skyscraper

I’m taking a quick break from my usual raving and jabbering about everything Seoul. Like very quick I’ll get back to it after lunch break, LOL. So the sister and I have met with the BFF last weekend (I guess we have the same BFF) to catch up over coffee. There’s nothing to talk about those two but I have a lot to say or to show rather about our meet-up place, Souk Madinat Jumeirah. 🙂 Living in Dubai for almost seven years doesn’t make me immunized from its charm and grandeur.

Souk means Arabic Market, Souk Madinat is sort of a modern take on a traditional Arabic Market. It is located between five star hotels and overlooking Burj Al Arab – The world’s most luxurious hotel. You can reach the place via Metro and Bus, here’s how.

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